Roter Hang (Red Slopes)

Our vineyards are located at various sites within the Roter Hang:


The soil warming early during the day (facing east), good heat storage capacity, ideal proximity to the Rhine River, and the shielding of the regionally predominant western winds, create an optimal microclimate. This is a favorite site for the Riesling grape.


"Pettenthal" was recorded as an official name in the land register as early as 1753 and can possibly be traced back to toad migrations (Petten) which were observed at further up-lying water springs and sloughs (marshy hollows). An adjacent area bears the name "Stumpe Loch", which apparently derives from the word "Sumpfloch" (slough).

Schloss Schwabsburg (Castle Schwabsburg):

The highly eroded soils are stony and shallow allowing the vines’ roots to penetrate deeply into the fissures of the Rotliegend (red bed rock). The overall quite dry location produces small, very aromatic berries. A good aeration of the grapes in the hollow open to the western side permits full ripening of the Riesling grapes through the month of November. The wines are dense and have the typical mineralogy of the Rote Hang (red slope). Fine aromas of peach and citrus fruit develop during the long autumn season.