Unsere Weine

The favorable location of the vineyards combined with attentive and uncompromising work we put into our cultivation, is the basis for quality. Moreover, it takes passion and enthusiasm, as well as ambition, to improve on our wines each year. The unique individuality and finesse of our wines depend on the interaction of all these factors. Every year we carry out a fresh assessment on what our vines and wines need for healthy and strong growth. In both our vineyard and our wine cellar, we rely on traditional methods and innovation. Fully ripened, selectively handpicked grapes and the gentle processing of the crop add to the wines’ uniqueness. This distinct character becomes most apparent in our premium wines. These are complex wines with ripe fruit flavors, elegance and length. They constitute the absolute top quality of our assortment.

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Titelseite Sortiment 2019

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